a friend or random person. Similar to man but refers to a man that is gangst. Hence Mangst
Hey you, Shovel Mangst!!
by Austin Williams April 06, 2005
Top Definition
A special flavor of manly angst, emanating primarily from guys preoccupied with being "real men" (i.e., tough, strong, brooding, some flavor of urban warrior). Primarily caused when the guy feels his masculinity assailed, be it from someone keying his Hummer, a physical imperfection like premature balding, or being confronted by someone who breaks traditional gender roles.

Another variant of mangst is the old brooding, angst-ridden artist bit. What perhaps began as a James Dean impression to score arty chicks imperceptibly morphed into full blown, chronic mangst.
Did you check out last night's episode of Sons of Anarchy? So much mangst!
by peppergomez October 06, 2010
Man angst.

A post-modern condition, brought about by the lack of violence between men in civilised society.
Monkeys knew their place, and did not suffer.
Tony, the football captain, scored the winning goal, then scored with Tom’s girlfriend. Tom, looking on, came down with a severe case of the mangst.
by Jay to the R August 26, 2008
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