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A special flavor of manly angst, emanating primarily from guys preoccupied with being "real men" (i.e., tough, strong, brooding, some flavor of urban warrior). Primarily caused when the guy feels his masculinity assailed, be it from someone keying his Hummer, a physical imperfection like premature balding, or being confronted by someone who breaks traditional gender roles.

Another variant of mangst is the old brooding, angst-ridden artist bit. What perhaps began as a James Dean impression to score arty chicks imperceptibly morphed into full blown, chronic mangst.
Did you check out last night's episode of Sons of Anarchy? So much mangst!
by peppergomez October 06, 2010
To have sex with an ethnomusicologist, the kind of person (usually male) whose CD collection is filled with field recordings from Ghana, Brazil, etc. (and who studies the liner notes), and who enjoys attending lectures from visiting composers. The more exotic or arcane the music, the more he enjoys it.
Yeah, so I totally luaka bopped that sociology prof who hangs out at the food coop Saturday afternoons. Might not have been worth it, though. He made me listen to Tom Ze for like 2 hours before we did it.
by peppergomez April 12, 2011
A special flavor of angst, emanating primarily from teenage/tween/young adult girls, homosexual guys, and heavily metrosexual guys. Best witnessed at any high school or undergraduate college, shopping malls, and on shows such as Glee, Gossip Girl, and pretty much anything on the WB.
Did you check out last night's episode of Glee? Changst off the charts.
by peppergomez October 06, 2010

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