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An aneurysm onset by an attractive man.
Man, that guy was hot... I just had a maneurysm.
by ribbyLAL March 14, 2011
Hysteria or an emotional core meltdown or freakout brought on by the behavior of one's male spouse, significant other, fiance, boyfriend, lover, or booty call.
When Derek stood Janine up she had a maneurysm and you could hear her at the end of the block.

God, don't have a maneurysm; I'm sure he'll call you.
by Theo June 22, 2006
The result of the things men will say or do that cause their partner to become very annoyed/frustrated/angry, to the point where said partner appears to undergo a slight stroke; visibly pausing and wincing painfully, with the occasional accompanying incoherent murmur. Though often a result of manuriosity, can be triggered by other factors such as callous, selfish, thoughtless or dickish behaviour, bad puns and lame jokes.
Her: I'm out of tampons, can you pick some up for me on the way home?

Him: Just make some out of cotton balls and dental floss.


Her: I fell into the toilet cause you left the seat up again!

Him: What? Gravity's on YOUR side you know.

General response:

Her: Uugh...ah!

Him: You okay baby?

Her: Yes, just... just a maneurysm out of sheer stupidity.
by TheMaelstrom September 14, 2013
A male version of the traditionally female hissy fit. Maneurysms are often disproportionately exaggerated and/or hostile responses to fairly calm and un-hostile situations.
"Did you see Reginald III at the soiree this Wednesday past?"
"I most certainly did. He had a complete and utter maneurysm after Fifi spilled her sparkling cider on his business-casual shirt."
by Stacherella December 12, 2009
To have an aneurysm as a result of doing something incredibly masculine or testosterone fueled.
Bob had a maneurysm after skydiving out of an airplane in a monster truck while eating Doritos, watching football and lifting weights all at once.
by barisax July 18, 2014
A relationship-induced aneurysm. Most often caused by a girlfiend or spouse disrupting a man activity such as watching a sporting event, guys night poker or fishing.
My wife insisted that I clean the gutters when she knows I want to watch the BCS National Championship Game. We argued for the entire first quarter, when I finally had a maneurysm.
by ConrailTV-6 January 04, 2010
An abnormal public breakdown of manners.
When Kyle broke up with her, Wendy had a maneurysm and threw a complete temper tantrum in the five-star restaurant, howling curses and hurling her knife.
by mdlieb March 17, 2011
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