To handle something in a manly fashion. Can be used non-sexually, however, the term is most often used with innuendo in mind.
Finch totally mandled Stifler's mom last night.
by Sidecutter August 16, 2010
A replacement to the word "handle" that implies only a man could handle the situation in question.
Dude, we've got a crate of beer left and we're leaving in an hour... do you think you can mandle it?
by DoMx March 28, 2010
Verb - to mandle - Most often used in the past tense (mandled) to describe a situation or event that was handled in the most manly and awesome way possible. Used in the present tense (mandle) as a form of encouragement to promote the handling of a forthcoming event in an epically manly way.
"Damn you just mandled that 32oz steak like a 2$ fish taco"

"Man up and go mandle that shit!"
by The-Man-Code February 28, 2013
a candle placed strategically in a man's room that, when lit, guarantees sex will occur
1. My roommate is sorely mistaken, he thinks girls like candles in the bathroom. Everyone knows that's not where mandles go.

2. Bro 1: She's coming over in five minutes, and we haven't cleaned up from last night's party! It looks like a frat house in here!
Bro 2: Quick, light a mandle! She won't notice anything else.
by Farmer Daniel December 10, 2010
the act of handling something by a man or like a man; an action under-taken aggressively or with a manly swagger or over-confident bravado.
Man 1: I was driving over the pass last night and blew 3 flats.

Man 2: Yeah?

Man 1: But, you know, I mandled it.

Man 2: Hell yeah.

Woman 1: I was driving over the pass last night and blew 3 flats.

Woman 2: Yeah?

Woman 1: But, you know, I mandled it.

Woman 2: Hell yeah.
by buddyboy1006 April 12, 2010
Man sandles. Very gay sandles worn by a man.
Juan: Aww crap, here comes Gaylord rocking his mandles again.

Randi: Oh he's gayer than a picnic basket!
by Mr.Diggler June 04, 2012
when a fragile or precious item is handled with little or no care
i should have never let you help me move in you totally mandled all my stuff!
by ninjat March 27, 2010
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