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A NKY society consisting of 4 leaders, with 6 underbosses under each leader, and 4 soldiers under each underboss. A group with the goal of domination. The takeover of wooden forts will begin soon...
M- Mimms
N- Noll
A- Alexander
The MANA society met today in the clubhouse.
by One of the A's January 12, 2009
3 3
Something a Mantequilla teacher says when they are angry. They can also say it when they are nagging (which is something they often do).
Mantequilla says Mana!

Mana! I already told you!
by Vajanka January 29, 2008
1 1
Manas is a species of hairy creatures, something like a tarantulla. This creature is often kept as a pet and their owners trim their hair.
Look at his manas! It's so cute! His hair is so cool!
by James Waterfield January 23, 2007
34 36
noun: colloq. for tomorrow. Orig. Spanish.
Zach: yo what are you doing Maña?

Joe: well i had a hot m&m with that slam piece Monica yesties. ill try and skej another m&m Maña.
by AldeyRAY January 23, 2010
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This is a species of Punjabi bears (a species that came from India) practically all extinct. Scientific name called: Manasus Vulgaris... From the bear family of course. Commonly named as a long hair bear, Punjabi's sometimes use it to describe something big and hairy. A species of hairy tarantula has thus been named for its hairiness... It's pronounced "Munass" in Punjabi... Commonly used in Mumbaite slang.
"Arre baba!?, look at dis guy he looks like a manas!"
"Dis is so manas, he rreeaally should shave..."
"Vill you shave dat thing yar, you look like a manas..."
by Rajit Singh May 21, 2008
12 18
The purest and most nutritious form of food, used often in a spiritual sense.
In the Bible, several wise men eat a food that transcends into the realm of Mana.
by ShrineGuard March 15, 2004
15 22
Bread and Water. Used to Replenish the Magic Powers of extremely powerful and other-worldly War Lords, such as myself.
So I layeth'd down my pencil and replenished myself with a helping of Mana.
by Dylantehgreat May 24, 2007
3 13