1.a term for "magic" in some Video Games
2.a musician from Japan. Formerally of Malice Mizer now of Moi Dix Mois. Very pretty for a male. music style is a combonation of rock and classical.(think castlevania stuff.) name means "devil name", maybe ment towards "Lucifer"
1."I've run out of Mana!"
2."I worship Mana. He's so talented..and pretty!^^*"
by Chibi-Aquila-Chan March 13, 2004
Something a Mantequilla teacher says when they are angry. They can also say it when they are nagging (which is something they often do).
Mantequilla says Mana!

Mana! I already told you!
by Vajanka January 29, 2008
Manas is a species of hairy creatures, something like a tarantulla. This creature is often kept as a pet and their owners trim their hair.
Look at his manas! It's so cute! His hair is so cool!
by James Waterfield January 23, 2007
noun: colloq. for tomorrow. Orig. Spanish.
Zach: yo what are you doing Maña?

Joe: well i had a hot m&m with that slam piece Monica yesties. ill try and skej another m&m Maña.
by AldeyRAY January 23, 2010
This is a species of Punjabi bears (a species that came from India) practically all extinct. Scientific name called: Manasus Vulgaris... From the bear family of course. Commonly named as a long hair bear, Punjabi's sometimes use it to describe something big and hairy. A species of hairy tarantula has thus been named for its hairiness... It's pronounced "Munass" in Punjabi... Commonly used in Mumbaite slang.
"Arre baba!?, look at dis guy he looks like a manas!"
"Dis is so manas, he rreeaally should shave..."
"Vill you shave dat thing yar, you look like a manas..."
by Rajit Singh May 21, 2008
The purest and most nutritious form of food, used often in a spiritual sense.
In the Bible, several wise men eat a food that transcends into the realm of Mana.
by ShrineGuard March 15, 2004
The short term for saying hermana, which in english is sister.
Hola, mana!
What are you doing, mana?
by Vianney October 17, 2006

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