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11 definitions by yoshimi

Someone who can kill and defeat evil pink robots.
Oh Yoshimi! They don't believe me, but you won't let those robots defeat me.
by yoshimi April 18, 2005
mana is a guitarist who is my idol and a sexy one at that.he was in a visual jrock band malice mizer but since they broke up hes been in moi dix mois!
did you hear manas latest song?
by yoshimi December 11, 2003
The marriage of the words odd and idiot to form one word that describes an individual who is both weird and astonishingly stupid.
Ex. 1: GROSS. Take your finger out of your ass, you oddiot.

Ex. 2: I love Napoleon Dynamite even though he seemed kind of like an oddiot.
by yoshimi April 07, 2005
a fucked up way to say remember
renember the time you sucker-punched that teacher?
by yoshimi December 11, 2003
A slang term for male genitalia.

See also: penis, dick, thingie, special area.
"Dude, stop wearing such tight pants; you're gonna break your muano."
by yoshimi April 07, 2005
misspelling of the German group Kraftwerk
We don't have any Craftwork here
by yoshimi September 28, 2004
great band who i cant get enough of.
nightmare is awsome
by yoshimi December 11, 2003