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Reversed blade sword
Himura Kenshin uses a sakabatou
by Himura May 28, 2003
The act of sucking your own cock
I heard Rob could do auto fellatio. Pretty weird shit.
by Himura February 22, 2004
One sexy man
Mana is a sexy man
by Himura May 29, 2003
The "language" that otakus use. Otakus who use it usually know very little or no Japanese at all.
"John is so KAWAII!"
"Those guys are really baka ne?"
"hes such a bish!"
by Himura April 13, 2004
A Ninja technique that only a member of the Uchiha clan can master. Sharingan is a sort of "evil eye" that can see through any ninjustsu technique, and also mentally damage an opponent through genjutsu (illusion techniques)
1. My sharingan will see through all your techniques.
by Himura May 27, 2003
Slang for U turn
"we decided to play it safe and get some gas, pulled out of the station, flipped a bitch, got pulled over"
by Himura July 14, 2003
one of the best damn Japanese rock bands around
Siam Shade even powns glay
by Himura May 29, 2003

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