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The queen of japan (^-^'')
Mana is the one and only queen of Japan.
by sekai October 25, 2003
1.)Entertainment for God.
2.) Someone you can blame all troubles on
Meet Life
by sekai October 25, 2003
a huge long red slimy organic living thing that likes to rapes
<Leechasd|Saber> holld shit
<Leechasd|Saber> look at those tentacles
<Leechasd|Saber> so pure
<Leechasd|Saber> so red
<Leechasd|Saber> so big
by sekai June 13, 2004
A mysterious, immortal donkey with a single large breast where its face would normally be. Its origins are unknown, but it is known to obstruct passages. The only way to get past it is for a member of the group to engage it by playing Sudoku so that everyone else may pass.
"Damn it, there's a tits-donkey up ahead. Now what?" Said Bill.
"Let's turn back. I fucking hate Sudoku," replied Jim.
by Sekai March 12, 2012

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