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Acronymn meaning Elegant Gothic Lolita, a style popularized by the teens in Harajuku and Mana, the guitarist for the band Moi Dix Mois and Malice Mizer. Typical EGL clothes consist of things worn hundreds of years ago (such as peticoats, frilly shirts, stockings, etc) only in more dark colours and styles.
Mana designs EGL clothes for his clothing label Moi-Meme-Moitie.
by Neko October 20, 2004
an abbreviation of elegant gothic lolita
she dresses egl
by argyle November 20, 2003
Exposed gum line. An unfortunate facial flaw an otherwise attractive female suffers from when there's a disproportionate amount of gum showing above her upper teeth.
Trevor - "man she's hot"
Clive - "wait until you see her smile, she's got EGL big time, like a tranquilized Kelly Rowland"
Trevor - "yeah, you're right...I don't think she even possesses a set of adult teeth"
by cathy ray talon November 04, 2013
EGL is a way to m ake your 1998 game Quake2 run like Doom3.
"OMGWTF Quake2 finally runs at 15 frames per second on my new PIV 3gHz with Ati Radeon 256mb!"
by Anonymous April 28, 2004
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