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A straight guy uses this preferred reference to refer to his "boyfriends", because "boyfriend" just sounds too not-so-straight.
What are you doing tonight, bro? I'm heading to the club tonight with my ManBuddy to scope out the ladies.
by thequietsun November 19, 2011
Two girls who must be called men by a riley inorder to become man-buddies. In being a man-buddie you must be best friends and go to movies together and pretend to talk in a sexy jamacin acsent. (Of course doing it really badly) Even though they're Canadian
Amanda and Kassie are man-buddies. They may not be jamacin. But they sure are sexy
by busbudds4life July 13, 2008
1. A male who is close friends with another male.
2. A male who consoles in his male friends when in a time of need.
3. Typically engaging in pewpsechz(not to be confused with actual anal intercourse)
After frank lost his wife, he turned to ted for some manbuddy love
by Rob November 25, 2003

1) a closeted but homophobic gay male in denial

2)a man who has connections to male doll toys
"Jake sure is a real man, but he acts like such a man buddy sometimes."
by Milo Hellmalice October 21, 2004
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