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A new girlfriend who instantly exhibits wifey characteristics, first taking aim at removing the shit in your apartment that she doesn't like, followed by moving her own girly shit into your apartment, and culminating in getting her own spare key so she can move in with you rent free - all without your approval or positive reinforcement.
Mang, Marquis got a InstaWife at his crib yo. She already got her mail bein sent there and they only been together a week!
by thequietsun September 15, 2011
Your Bro
Tonight I'm chillin with my Broshevik Joey T.
by thequietsun December 24, 2011
A woman who at first seems cool but turns out to be one sneaky bitch, commonly an extreme and sinister one.
Man, that Good Samaritan lady from MISERY turned out to be one slippery bitch!

I was about to do this hott 10 but the slippery bitch turned out to be a dude!

I thought I was the true playa but I got played by that ho yo, coz that slippery bitch was doing key members of my main rival street gang!
by thequietsun August 07, 2011
A straight guy uses this preferred reference to refer to his "boyfriends", because "boyfriend" just sounds too not-so-straight.
What are you doing tonight, bro? I'm heading to the club tonight with my ManBuddy to scope out the ladies.
by thequietsun November 19, 2011

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