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The best version of Faye Valentine cosplay in the galaxy.
Man-Faye is uber hot in those tiny little shorts.
by jessy February 19, 2004
A notorious (or famous) cosplayer. A large, hairy guy who cosplays as Faye from Cowboy Bebop. Much like goatse or tubgirl, he's the meme you love to hate.
manfaye just got yaoi-paddled! oh god, my eyes! they burn!
by mrclark July 07, 2005
A man who was made infamous for dressing as a would-be-beautiful rogue gambling woman named Faye Valentine from a popular anime called Cowboy Bebop. He is feared and revered at the same time for such an awesome/gruesome sight.
"in man-faye we trust" seems to be a slogan of his fans.
by Tony no Genshin January 31, 2005
A man who became famouse for pulling a traumatic version of Cowboy Bebop's Faye Valentine. There are pictures of him all over the internet.
Man-Faye needs to shave his legs.
by Elizabeth Reyes February 09, 2004
A male cosplayer famous for it's trauma-inducing representation of Faye Valentine
I saw Man-Faye and my eyes started to bleed.
by Ragnarok September 26, 2003
To end up having a gruesomely hideous cosplay. Usually given to male crossplayers
If you're going to go as Sailor Moon, make sure you don't end up pulling a man-faye.
by Justin November 21, 2003
A great guy named Damon. Lives in Orange County. Once stripped naked and jumped into Irvine Lake. All around awesome.
'Sup, Damon. It's Devan. I still can't believe you're doing this Man-Faye thing. You are awesome.
by SlimGoodbody March 01, 2005
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