Make-up for men. Usually used by homosexuals, and/or transsexual/cross dressers.
Joe: Like, oh my God, Billy. Calm down and let me put on my mancup, if not, than how am I ever going to get a homosexual to pick me up tonight?!

Billy: I'm a homosexual, and you picked me up without your mancup on!
by Tarah k January 13, 2007
Top Definition
n. I ginormous cup that can hold two to three normal beverages in which men pour very stout alcoholic mixtures, thereby allowing said man to have one drink over a long period of time whilst getting hammered.
"bro this drink is weak, I'm gonna need at least four of these just to get a buzz"

"That's why I got my Man cup"
by Schmeeds November 22, 2009
A cup of 1 beer and three shots of vodka.
"I can't believe Ryan did a Man Cup! He's such a badass!"
by The Man!!! April 04, 2009
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