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A handshake that transitions into a hug-like, semi-embrace that lasts no more than one second and may be accompanied by a firm slap on the back. An acceptable way for one guy to show appreciation for another male friend.
Before leaving the party, Cowboy said goodbye to The Shankster and gave him a Man Hug.
by Cap'n Ron January 13, 2007
A powerful and warm embrace from a male that provides unmatched comfort.
I need a manhug after the tough day I've had.
by Jackeline Stewart January 21, 2008
A hug between two men. The hug is a hand-shake, plus shoulder-to-shoulder, plus a hand on the back.
We have to be careful when we give each other a manhug that our cheeks don't touch.
by scotpgot July 10, 2008
When 2 homophobic men hug each-other. Usually consists of shifty eyes, looking around to make sure nobody is nearby to witness it, then a brief embrace including sharp patting of the other man's back.
STEVE: Happy Birthday, Joe.
- Manhug -
MARK: OMG, Steve and Joe are gay just because Steve hugged Joe on his BIRTHDAY.
by Lunaly March 13, 2007
A hug betewwn two men that lasts no more that 5 seconds and as you are hugging, you give eachother two slaps on the back and say, "Not Gay", and immediately let go.
You walk up to your friend and embrace in a man hug patting twice and saying not gay.
by D-a-n November 02, 2007
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