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A Man Beast is a fat ugly, extremely large built female. These grotesque creatures, can be found in any UK city and seem to have many kids by different fathers. Man Beasts offen wear ill-fitting leggings and tight armless tops, to show off their disgusting fat bodies, and flabby arms covered in tattoos as a sign of pride. Very slow and unintelligent, these creatures can be herd screaming and swearing at their kids in public. The male partners of these creatures, are smaller by comparison, not very tall and skinny due to the lack of food.
Jesus that thing is over there, with the three kids is built like a brick shit house Man Beast
by kent brockman April 22, 2013
a women i.e sally ellis is a man
she is big a beefy and she has a cock
that manbeat has a cock
by manbeast hunter March 30, 2005
a woman who was possibly fathered by a hillbilly backwoods man that's inbred and had sex with many farm animals. The woman is said to seek out affection from any sort of man or woman who is dumb enough to give it the time of day. They usually have sex with anyone and have kids with multiple partners to try and suck money out former men who were dumb enough to "tap that".
"I'm not sure what I slept with, it was like throwing a hot dog down a hall way, it also might have been tucking a penis, that thing is a real manbeast."
by liannalynn January 05, 2014
A woman owning manly characteristics, a masculine woman.
"Damn man, you seen shelby lately? That bitch's a manbeast!"
by jonjonjon11111 August 13, 2007
noun A hybrid being that is part-human and part-animal, or more like a human with some animal-like features; sometimes seen in some anime/manga

Ex. Imagine a teenage girl with cat ears, a cat tail, paws, and feline insticts. That is a cat-manbeast. (Google them.)

Examples are Tewi Inaba, the Earth Rabbit, and Chen, the Cat of Black Omens, from the Touhou series.

Any previous assinine definiton of a manbeast being an ugly or hairy woman is completely retarded and whoever was stupid enough to write or believe it has some serious issues.
I wish I were part cat. :3
Or better yet, I wish I were a cat-manbeast! X3
by Cat-Manbeast January 27, 2011
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