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a condition marked by a heightened preparedness for battle, accompanied by the complete certainty that women are helpless, simple creatures who require constant saving. It comes in handy in a wide range of situations, such as fights with dragons, high-speed car chases and DVR programming.
I went into Man Mode after my wife tried to light a fire in the fireplace without opening the damper.
#man #not woman mode #man mode #butch mode #male mode
by h3nry February 06, 2008
Abstaining from decision making and going with the flow. In the military, there are the men, and the officers. The officers make the decisions and the men follow them.
With regards to the upcoming ski trip, I merely wanted to hang with my friends, so, when they gathered to plan the details, I told them I am in man mode for it.
#tag along #opinionated #nonchalant #indifferent #whatever
by cepheids November 21, 2013
When a boyfriend hangs out with his friends way too much and all of the estrogen that his girlfriend has spent years showering him in starts to drain out of his body and a mass amount of testosterone takes over and he forgets about his girlfriend and does stupid man stuff with a bunch of smelly digusting meathead men, like drink beer, and smash beer cans on their heads, and measure thier weiners with each other and whatever else they do when they all get together.
"I knew my boyfriend was in man mode when he forgot about me for a week straight and spent every night with his friends."
#men #stupidity #testosterone #meathead #beer
by Neglected Girlfriend May 09, 2008
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