an exotic beverage that a man makes after he jerks himself stupid into a cup (the cup comes with a mini umbrella)
would you like a drink of man juice with that
by Bad Habit April 02, 2006
The tasty liquid emerging from a man penis or cock when aroused
Fiona got me so horny my man juice went all over her tits
by Johnny Big Balls March 21, 2005
Refering to sperm from a man.
Then I put a load of man-juice in her hair! Right on!
by Le Buk Sportif^ December 23, 2003
Human male ejaculate
Bobby is filled to the brim with man-juice, perhaps he should masterbate.
by 2nd Prize April 17, 2003
Sex juice made by men
"He sprayed his man juice all over my face last night!"
by switchedfoot September 13, 2015
A drink produce in the Caribbean island of St Lucia from mangrows, which was once believed to bring about an increase in testerone levels in the drinker. It since become illegal in the United States and Europe. Furthermore it has inspired the popular song 'Manjuca in St Lucia'.
Man, look at that chick, she's so hairy that she must have been on the manjuice- XYY!!!
by Tom Wyatt April 29, 2006
That stuff you find in fast food; sour cream and mayo. That isn't really sour cream and mayo, its shit that comes out of the penis.
Person 1: *sniffs sour cream and licks it* It smells weird and taste salty..
Person 2: Dude, that's not sour cream it's man juice, stupid!
by kirara_nibbles_pocky July 07, 2005
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