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Nick name for a couple named Matt and Amber..

Mike and Amber would be Mimber!
Mamber is the cutest couple ever!

Mamber has two cats named Romper and Satchmo.

Mamber were married on June 27th, 2009
by MamberKnowItAll August 18, 2009
Someone who only family & idiots will defend. A thug. teengangster
He's a mamber of that {gang}, but his mama still loves him.
by Novawatcher September 17, 2015
a name for a couple whose names consist of mike and amber
hey i heard mamber were going to get married soon.

did you know mamber are having a baby?
by the M in mamber April 24, 2005
The word mamber comes was created by Andy Lowe on the 2nd of October 2004 in the village of Yattindon during a camp out. The word can be used to say anything! see examples below!
Mark stop mambering around

you are such a Mamberer

I'm just going behind this wall to have a Mamber.

I have mambered all over the place!

Don't Mamby around!

by Michael Jenkins October 03, 2004
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