A retard. Contraction of mal-coordinated
Haha if you turn the sound off, the Spoonman looks like a proper malc!
by keats was the original emo July 10, 2008
Top Definition
A scummy, ginger chav who is 12.
Malcs == teh ginge
by Malcs June 10, 2004
Would like to think he is the king of IRC.
infact, he is nothing more than one of our peons now that we have taken over his country and sold his children into slavery
malcs- get back to work!
by King-Tom June 01, 2004
A homo erectus whose habits include rolling up to work late EVERY DAY and has mounds of sand hidden in her vagina. She has foot in mouth disease, refuses to exercise and has the diet of a 475kg african american man. Claims to be talented at touch rugby but performance in the sport proves otherwise. The term is often used to describe like minded folk.
Oh my god, look over there, there a HUGE Malcs
Did ya see the headline of the West today - Huge Malcs abuses mum for holding baby"
by tripwire789 May 13, 2010
The inventor of Flome
{DF} Flome
by malc September 08, 2003
a fuckwit computer nerd who listens to music such as avril lavigne, liam lynch, and ben folds five.
malcom mclennon is a fuckingfaggot
by bhb September 09, 2003
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