A person with a very small penis. Has no personality also can sometimes look like a dog. Mal is often a follower and an ass lick. Mal the guy nobody wants.
You see that guy he's obvss a Mal he's well ugly
by Dhajahhedh January 22, 2015
Originally stemming from the danish word "mål" meaning "goal" but the meaning has changed lately and it can now be used in almost any celebratory situation that calls for it.

Is often used when something great happens or in situations where male pride in the room is at its highest.

Is can also be used as a substitute for "hear hear" and "yes!"

It is a custom that every male in the room joins in.
"And the winner team is... the mens team! mål!
*curvaceous girl walks by* "mål!"
by NNathaniel December 05, 2011
Originating from the island of Jersey. This word literally means 'very'. This word (especially when used in the phrase 'mal weak' (very good)) is often ridiculed by visitors to the island.
Visitor: Do you know anywhere good to go in Jersey?

Chav local: yeah, just go out and get waaaasted. Get down to Liquid, that place is mal weak

Visitor: eh?

Chav local: yeah its buzzing. weak as fack!

Visitor: *sigh*
by knobbo June 30, 2009
(1) An abbreviated expression for 'Man And Lady'.
(2) A term used when referring to sex between a Man And Lady.
(3) An expression used when an urge overcomes one to express the need of sex or sexual activities to happen between a Man And Lady.
"Dude, id love to play a game of 'MAL' with her!"
"We'd play 'MAL' all night long!"
by Bindi&Bambi January 22, 2009
An Aussie & Kiwi slang term for a wat the yanks call a longboard its short for Malibu
I ride a Bear 9'6" "Mal" and my m8 chris sports a "line-up" 6'2"
by "BaddAssKiwi" April 15, 2004
originating in Alaska, short for Alaskan Malamute. from alaskan tribe Mahlemuit.
Malamutes, very strong dog. One Mal can pull up to 1 tonne (when trained)
"My Mal attacked another dog again. it was messed up..."
by Jules December 08, 2004
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