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MAL, an abbreviation for the site:
A site with synopsis of anime and manga and where many otakus discuss anime.
A: "Dude, why are you so tired?"
B: "Coz I was on MAL last night, going through people's profiles."
A: "You and your sites..."
by otakugirl November 02, 2009
you have a permanent grin on your face the entire time and touch feels amazing. you feel closer to whoever you are around and you have no worries at all
girl: dame, i can't explain how much i love you man. like....like i can't believe how close we are dude
boy she hates: ........we hate each other tho
boy she hates: are you on Ecstasy?
girl: noooooooo, why would you think that?
boy she hates: .........i have no idea
girl: -hugs him- you smell so good~
boy she hates: uhhhh....
by Otakugirl April 13, 2014

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