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A human who enjoys having have sex with and allows vampires to drink their blood.
Gran asked what a fangbanger was and Sookie explained that it is a human who allows vampires to drink their blood and enjoys having sex with them, sometimes for money.
(characters in True Blood)
by lynnpd99 March 02, 2009
While being able to attract men, the inability to keep them as a boyfriend.
Even though Tara likes Sam she couldn't help but antagonize him and treat him in such a way that makes their relationship impossible. With this behavior, she is definitely "unboyfriendable".
by lynnpd99 February 28, 2009
An amendment proposed to provide the same rights to vampires as are given to humans, i.e, they can own property, vote, etc. in the television show True Blood.
Bill Compton took over his family home after one of his relatives died. He began renovations assuming that the Vampire Rights Amendment (VRA) would pass. (characters in True Blood)
by lynnpd99 March 02, 2009
The act performed by a vampire to hypnotize humans into submission so they can drink their blood or have control over them.
Bill turned and looked at him in such a way that the policeman became fixed and mesmerized by his stare. Bill had achieved the glamouring and then proceeded to take his gun.
by lynnpd99 February 28, 2009
A human who can take on other shapes usually in the animal family, like dogs, wolves, tigers, etc.
Sam, a shape shifter, changed form into a dog to save Sookie from being killed by Rene. (characters from True Blood)
by lynnpd99 March 02, 2009
The place in the brain where all data and information is stored.
Sookie asked Pam how she knew her name and Pam explained, while pointing to her head, that she had stored that information in her vault.
by lynnpd99 March 02, 2009
A public officer authorized to hear and adjudicate all cases concerning vampire transgressions at a vampire tribunal.
The Majester, while he was deciding his fate, told the vampire defendant to "back his shit down" when he attempted to interrupt him.
by Lynnpd99 February 28, 2009
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