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Used to describe those who love to create things in their spare time (often electronic, often with their own hands). Also called Hobbyists. The term is popular in the open hardware and hardware hacking electronics communities.
A: So, you going to the Maker's faire next week?
B: Totally! What maker in his right mind wouldn't be there?
by WordMaker February 02, 2013
Similar to "Writer's Block", "Maker's Block" robs those who are usually creatively gifted (see "maker") of their motivation and purpose, leaving them itching (see "maker's itch") to make something but repeatedly failing to find inspiration.
L: What have you been doing in here all this time?
A: Nothing.
L: So you're just sitting there, staring at this mountain of parts?
A: Yep. Maker's Block.
by WordMaker February 02, 2013
The almost palpable sensation of restlessness a maker gets if he or she hasn't created something or worked on their latest project for an extended period of time (due to work or other commitments getting in the way, for example).
T: Dude. Can you stop jiggling your feet?
A: I can't just sit here, man - I've gotta build something. This Maker's Itch is driving me crazy!
by WordMaker February 02, 2013
Wudja - self-contained question, posed (usually by a male to another male) enquiring whether the listener would consider having sexual intimacies with another (usually female) person.

Wudja - question, with the phrase 'have sex with that' (or similar) implied.
See her, over there. Wudja?

Wudja? That tartlette there?
by Wordmaker July 10, 2004
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