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a type of corn grown by the native amercian indians.
Jim ate all my sumbitchin' maize!
by Glenjamin Franklinson November 20, 2003
33 12
maize=corn and corn = porn.

What all middle schoolers watch after school
Timmy how was that maize yesterday
by alfredbites October 18, 2009
15 2
Another name for corn.
The farmer was impressed when his maize crop produced twice as many cobs as last year.
by AYB April 08, 2003
19 7
Maize means "Bread" in Latvian.
Karsta maize = Hot bread
Maize ar sieru = Bread with cheese
by vanetz August 17, 2004
18 7
interjection; used to singnify a siginfigant accomplishment and/or a verbal reaction to celebration
Just finished beating this game. Maize
by thatdudenumber3 October 21, 2011
3 1
A school district on the northwest side of Wichita, KS full of rich stuck up pricks and bitches who think they're better than everyone else just because their parents drive a Lexus. Students who attend Maize hate their teachers, administrators, classmates, and ultimately themselves for no better reason than "they just do".
I attend Maize, therefore I'm a "bra" aka douchebag with a Lexus IS and think I'm a badass because I wear earrings and my MLB hat crooked.

I attend Maize, therefore I'm a fake, flat-chested slut with no personality, just a vagina to screw any boy that will buy me nice things.
by ZOO T.V. December 05, 2010
20 21
a type of weed;
low quality hydroponic marijuana sold at slightly above schwag prices.
Billy said, "Damn! This shit is good, bra."
Johny replied, "It's maize, yo!"
by ENoble March 10, 2007
3 8