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Maison is a person that is amazingly beautiful, kind loving and has boys falling for her all the time. She usually has beautiful eyes and loves the beach,she is the kind of person who can make you smile even if you only see her for a second. Sometimes she makes the wrong decisions so She should always have someone who will stand by her with whatever she chooses and will always like her no matter what.
You should always have a Maison in your life
Wow Maison is just so beautiful I can't get her off my mind
by Alex Gordons December 28, 2011
means "house" in french, but is the most beautiful girl evarr... amazing in every aspect, and in every way.. i couldnt ask for anything better. shes gonna flip when she sees this on here. xD
person 1: "dudeee, i cant find one flaw in this chick, its like shes perfect!"

person 2: " she must be a maison.."
by that guy that says "woahh" July 20, 2011