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A person who drinks a lot of alcohol, especially beer.
"He's a real pisspot"
by Broski September 25, 2005
Northern English slang: drunkard
thats your 4th can of special brew u piss pot
by gamberro December 25, 2003
1. A bedpan
2. Urinal, commonly seen in men's public toilets
James grabbed his crotch in terror as he realised the pisspot was broken.
by yorema July 09, 2005
A mean, nasty person.
Stop being such a pisspot!
by himee April 01, 2009
The toilet. See pisser
Where's the pisspot?
by Mercunium September 04, 2003
A piss pot is a slang term which usually refersto a toilet, but can also refer to an actual pot that must be urinated into.
1) Hey, where'sthe piss pot? I'm bursting!

2) Ok, If you'd just like to take this pis pot and come back after you fill and hand it in to the nurse, please.
by Bedeb Aibcad April 22, 2008
this is a slang term for a toilet, toilette, urinal, pot-you-pee-in etc etc.....
1)sorry love can i use your piss pot??
2)ah i need to use a piss pot where is the nearest one??
by ami March 26, 2005

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