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The coolest, most beautiful, smartest girl a guy could have. The one that truly is THE ONE and you should never let go of because if you do yo know you will regret it forever. But yet she seems depressed and will not let you help though you care so much.
Man:Wish I didn't my Mahina go.
by SacredWolf July 01, 2010

noun. pidgen English from Hawaii

1. Moon, month; moonlight. Mahina meli, honeymoon. (PPN maasina.)

2. Crescent-shaped fishhook.

3. Eye of the snail at the end of its horn.

4. Farm, plantation, patch.

5. A variety of onion, similar to silver onion.

6. A variety of sweet potato.
7. An uneducated "local" (who doesn't have any Hawaiian blood or bloodlines) who lives in Hawaii and think they actually know something. Also known as a clown.
Ho, that stupid fucker is just a mahina. He doesn't know nothing.
by Kapaa March 27, 2009
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