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a severe lack of concern.
john: holy shit that car just ran into the river. we better go help them before they drown.
tim: ah fuck em! i dont give a rats fuck if they do.
#rats #fuck #drown #river #car
by runn141 May 12, 2009
the opposite of pussywhipped.
damn it ed,everytime you even ask to go to the store she bitches for the rest of the day. you need to take your balls back and cocksmack that bitch and let her know shes not special. just look at matt, now his woman is cocksmacked, you dont see him asking permission.
#cock #pussywhipped #balls #bitch #smacked
by runn141 May 17, 2009
the future pill that will take care of those erections lasting more than 4 hours.
for all those of you that take medication for erectile disfunction, that always last longer than 4 hours. is your morning wood lasting too long or after you leave for? dont call a doctor,take flacidex, for those unwanted hardons.
#viagra #cialis #levitra #enzyte #extenze
by runn141 May 05, 2009
No good
dodge magnum engines are more noise than go. the most aggravating goddamn no good useless motor ever built. but its a mopar, so what do you expect.
#dodge #mopar #hemi #chrysler #desoto #plymouth
by runn141 May 17, 2009
a non offensive term used for "nigger". when said by a person they are only putting the word nigger in that persons head. therefor not taking responsibility for the saying the word itself
john: hey joe! what up my nigger?
joes wife: john! stop using the word nigger! its an ugly word.
john:ok, joe! what up my "N" word?
#nigger #black #african #racist #stupidity
by runn141 September 24, 2009
to leave the bar after midnight drunk or buzzed and drive home. and to try to get in a race with any and every car on the road at the time. to purposely provoke the highway patrol into chasing you. all just for the excitement.
well its 3:00 a.m and i hear that v8 powered s10 coming with sirens screaming. that fucker must be on a runnamuck again.
#alcohol #drunk driving #buzz driving #race #highway patrol
by runn141 August 05, 2009
as loud as that damn mopar was, it was hardley moving. i always knew they were mostly overated parts at risk. especially when the bottom end blew out from under it.
#mopar #dodge #hemi #chrysler #desoto #plymouth
by runn141 May 11, 2009
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