Taking a muscle relaxer and toking, creating an extreme relaxed state of being; smooth, relaxed and high.
Dude sitting in this chair makes me feel like I'm on a magic carpet ride.
by Kenderzzz November 15, 2008
A sexual act in which two individuals who both have a heinous bush use the sixty-nine position.
Ricky took his girlfriend on a magic carpet ride.
by mexxxican May 28, 2008
A magic Carpet ride is when your doing a chick and donkey punch her. You then ride her down the stairs.
I had a Magic Carpet Ride with my girlfriend down the spiral staircase.
by HP July 18, 2003
After you blow your load on to her stomach you shave your grundle hair onto the load and go back at it for round 2. Its magical
Jon wasnt feeling the magic so he took that bitch for a Magic Carpet Ride
by A haas February 18, 2009
The act of driving home while too intoxicated to remember driving home the next day.
I don't know how I got home last night, but my car is in the driveway, so I must have taken a magic carpet ride.
by Ryan Faircloth January 13, 2006
the act of filling a toliet bowl with wads and wads on toliet paper before taking a smash....then release your terd on to a nest of toliest paper and exit the bathroom in a stealthly manner...only magic carpet ride people who deserve it
Oh my god did you see the bathroom! rodney left a magic carpet ride in thur it smells sooo rank
by Hot Mess man February 18, 2008
Your doing a girl from behind and you hit her in the back of the head and knock her out. then you ride her down the stairs.
I gave that girl a magic carpet ride.
by Matt222 March 14, 2008

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