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A beautiful and down to earth girl. Usually a blondie with big brown or blue eyes. She's always hyper and loves to have fun. Maddy has great friends and a good support system. She has lots of fears and people can easily bring her down. She's emotional but has the right people to help her get through drama. Maddy has great taste in music! She loves music so much. Maddy's are usual fond of dancing, so they appreciate music very much. Maddy's very theatrical. She always has her heart set on things, but when they don't work out she's crushed. She has a beautiful life, but doesn't realize just how lucky she is. She's loved by many, and the people who don't like her are jealous. Maddy sometimes wishes she was someone else because she is unsure of her beauty, but everyone else sees it. She's loud and fun, usually skinny with a great body. Doesn't have the biggest boobs or butt around, but still has nice curves and a slender figure. Maddy is a gorgeous, hot, fun, generous person over all!
Wow that girl is so much fun! I bet her name is Maddy!
by xoxobabbbiiiie June 26, 2011
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