In ebonics it means "car" or any other type of "vehicle".
That pimp Leroy has a new machine.

The narcs confiscated my machine after they found a pound of coke.
by Tara S. Volta September 21, 2005
The official definition of Machine is and always be - Mo.
Me: Mo, you are an official Machine sir, when looking Machine up in the dictionary your name will be there.

Mo: But how brother?

Me: You've been out the house 5 minutes and already... sir you are a Machine!!
by straff July 07, 2012
the type of person that destroys everthing in there path includng fences, road signs and young children, often after alcohol or when the command 'FINISH HIM' is yelled
you walk into a road works sign you shout 'FINISH HIM' then the machine beats the sign until it cannot be recognized
by previous victim November 15, 2010
toronto's WORD FOR A BURNER or GUN
machine in the area don't worry bout nothing
by killer keels April 25, 2005
a perfect, non mistake entity with no social life. Can adapt to any situation to be the best at all costs.
Vivek Behera, Hands down
by Wang chung December 02, 2004
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