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A person who is very appealing and attractive, esp. females. Commonly used in surbubia Sydney.
What a Machine! Look at that chick, she's got it all!
by sweetfemale June 28, 2006
78 75
A butt hurt, fat, stoner who posts in a subforum of a subforum of a message board for his favorite NFL football team. Low aptitude puts his glass ceiling at forklift driver.
I'm a fat stoner who drives a forklift for a living, I'm a Machine.
by probablement January 27, 2012
9 8
How computer enthusiasts refer to their computers.
Have you seen my new machine play Crysis?
by Sephar0 March 15, 2011
19 18
in London, UK it can mean a gun.
as in "bring your queen leave your machine."
by jammy1234 March 30, 2007
37 37
a crazed person, whether they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They have a non stop motor, and will get messed up at all costs. They party like rock stars and fight like warriors. There is no stopping them from doing what they want to do.
Nick is a machine! Did you see him take down that bottle of Jack and take outthat pack of idiots? Laino is the Machine!
by Mmmmmmmmmmmm November 01, 2006
40 40
In ebonics it means "car" or any other type of "vehicle".
That pimp Leroy has a new machine.

The narcs confiscated my machine after they found a pound of coke.
by Tara S. Volta September 21, 2005
43 43
its what the smartest nicest, prettiest, sweetest, sexiest, beautifulest and the best cock sucker around says when shes is usin or tryin to use her brain
you spell it then have them say it out loud M-A-C-H-I-N-E.
her response was Mac Hine.
good thing i love her, because she just aint getting it
by whitedevilinfp May 05, 2011
2 3