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Cute, sexy, loveable, guy who i never want to lose
I love you Lantz
by Hicks April 12, 2004
Someone who you would be honored to have as a friend.
Loyal, brave, smart, caring, strong, handsome, and all around one of the best type of person to say is your friend.
Lantz will always be there to protect me from harm and is so caring of people he finds important.
by Neolani October 21, 2011
A dumbass. Someone who acts like they know what they're talking about, but in reality has no fucking idea. The kid who gets made of all the time, and for perfectly good reason.
John - Dude, did you hear what Alex said about California?
Sally - Yeah, that fag is such a Lantz.

Alex - Hey guys
Bryan - Shut the fuck up Lantz.
by avcp333 March 09, 2010
On a human model of East Hants... Lantz would be the butt hole
lets go to lantz, hang out at the foundation and smoke a dube... like all the cool lantz people do
by acMeitaK February 02, 2005
Also known as Christopher Lance Stoddard....Hiss Rapp Name.
M-unit-''Yo, Lantz, Have You Seen She-O-dubble-Eena?''
Lantz-'' Oh fo sho shes aroun this mo fo some wo''
by Melissa July 09, 2004
akward poser,someone who thinks that are kool but in reality they really arn't
I went to Lantz's house the other day
by Jenny April 03, 2004
akward poser, someone who thinks they are cool but in reality they are not
Josh Lantz
by Jenny April 03, 2004
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