A word used to define a person who is considered cool by actual cool people.
"I heard that guy is lame""
"Obviously whoever told you he's lame is either really lame himself or just a coolie (somebody who regards himself as cool, but isn't actually) so he would never get that he is a macaulay"
by Powerayj January 06, 2010
Top Definition
Quite simply, The Captain.
'I think I can hear The Captain coming...'
by sugar_daddy May 25, 2005
The kid with the scarf.
Person 1:Why does Macaulay always wear a scarf?
Person 2:No one knows.
by Iamthe...? November 13, 2012
A word used to define a bitch by other actual cool people.
Macaulay Wilkinson
by HaterOnmacky August 30, 2010
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