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noun: a person whose computer experience is so Mac-centric that he is unable to perform even basic operations on a PC.
"Hey, how do turn this thing on?"
"You're kidding, right?"
"No, dude, I'm a MacIntard."
by TinyToker August 24, 2007
A person who believes that Apple Inc. is the be-all and end-all of computer-related technology; one who refuses to acknowledge the fact that Apple products are still imperfect despite their slightly more friendly user interface.
John: Greg just lied to my face and told me that his new iPad had Flash support.

Matt: Yesterday he told me that the only version of Microsoft Office he would use is the one installed on his iMac.

John: What a Macintard.
by McDBHS February 12, 2011
A Macintosh loving jew named Marshall.
Guy1: Wow who is that douche?

Guy2: Lol, it's Marshall, he's such a macintard.
by P4R4 December 22, 2008

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