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Ones murda skillz are substantially increased with each person killed.The higher someones murda skillz are, the more gang fights and domestic disputes have been won by them. A black kill is usually worth one murda skill point, a white man is 5 points. A cop, regardless of color is worth 25 points, however if a nigga should be badass enough to rape a female cop, then he is immediately awarded 100 points, and a free coupon at KFC.
Nigga 1: "'Sup thug, you on the wrong side o-this street biotch."
Nigga 2: "Ain't no fing, bitch. I got mad murda skillz an' cappin' yo ass finna put me over the 500 point mark"
Nigga 1: "Sheeit, sorry nigga I only gots 80 points..."
Nigga 2: **BANG!**
by MopDawg December 29, 2003
To blast tha bitches asshole with your shlong.
I finna dump hit that ass with tha meat.
by MopDawg December 27, 2003
"I am going to", which derived as an agressive offshoot of the mighty finna.
"Muh go get some schlitz fo-teez"
by MopDawg December 27, 2003
To open up, as in to stab/knife someone.
The opening process can be as simple as a minor poke but generally involves heavy bleeding and multiple openings. The more insane openings consist of using your bear hands/fingers to perform the opening process.
"I finna open you up like a damn can-o-tuna, you fat slut ass biotch."
by MopDawg December 30, 2003
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