Acronym for Muck Up Day. The last EVER day of secondary school or college, when everyone in the senior year sets up various pranks to amuse the younger students (and themselves).
MUDs coming up - has anyone got a sheep we can set loose on the football field?
by Persian Princessxx October 20, 2009
When you MU a cigar, you are forfeiting it after only a few puffs, no more than an inch, due to the fact it didn't live up to your expectations.
He MU'd that cigar.
That cigar got MU'd
by NSSH August 18, 2011
Another word for the drug mdma aka extacy.
-We got steamed on mud the other day. It was insane!
by Linguage Explorer A.K. December 06, 2007
The abbreviation of Muck Up Day; a tradition that occurs in many schools (mostly private) on the last day of lessons for year 12s. Pranks are pulled on the rest of the school, including kidnappings, stink bombs, cod liver oil on banisters, viagra in the water supply and releasing three sheep labelled 1, 2 & 4 onto the school grounds (the groundsmen look for sheep #3 which doesn't exist). Students also personalise their uniform (rip it up...).

Water guns/bombs are also used and occaisonally students will hiijack the PA system.

School shirts will often be signed with 'MUD (insert year)'.
student one: did you hear that some of the guys hijacked the speakers in the main hall on muck up day? You should have been there...

student two: I can't wait for our muck up day. Wooo! MUD '11.
by keep.calm.and.carry.on.x May 14, 2010
Made Up Drama
This is the worst MUD I have ever heard!
by Kennadi July 10, 2008
A simple mixture of dirt and water. The viscosity of the mixture can be altered by adding or removing water, though the latter is substantially more difficult. Its uses are endless, ranging from pigpen groundcover to the primary ingredient in an easy to make pie.

The compound was first "invented" by the homo hobilis as a defense against unwanted female attention. He found if he flung it at them, he could ward them off. This ultimately proved contrary to his survival, however, so he began flinging it at those who encroached on his females. Also, those who stole his females received a rainstorm of it on his dwelling. This practice continues today, and occasionally excreted matter is added, for the sake of odor.

Nowadays, it is commonly seen as an obstacle to be avoided, especially by vehicular traffic. Nonetheless, it is still enjoyed by "offroad" traffic, and people playing tug-of-war. Thus, it can be deemed one of early man's most significant contributions to modern society, and grouped with fire and bacon.
Today I poured water into dirt, and pondered the resulting mud in both a scientific and philosophical manner

Matt chucked mud mixed with shit at his ex's new lover's house. Talk about stuck on her!
by TheFlyingWelshman June 10, 2014
A significant other.

- Sand (no matter how long you try to clean off, you still find some traces of it)
- Quicksand (the more you try to fight it, the harder it is to get out)
- Cement (the most permanent)
"Where's Dougie been lately?"
"With his mud"
"You mean Maria?"
"That's what I said, his mud"
by meat jerkin' beef boy January 31, 2014

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