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A better Sierra game than Half-Life.
Homeworld rules!
by gamer June 09, 2003
And thanks to Dead or Alive Volleyball, we can now look forward to a whole slew of shitty volleyball games with almost-naked girls as their only saving grace.
Way to go, Techmo.
by gamer July 27, 2003
Famous Poster At Gr Gamepost
Rauno is the king of Gamepost
by Gamer August 27, 2003
The best football game ever made. Every other Madden game after that sucks ass.
by gamer June 23, 2003
Multi User Dimension, Multi User Dungeon, Multi User Domain, aka MMORPG (massive multiplayer online roleplaying game) but on a smaller scale. Usually textbased although a few have graphics and/or sounds. Many MUDs have built in themes.
I play addictive MUDs like www.dforces.com.
by Gamer January 31, 2004

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