Dirt and a liquid (usually water) mixed together, the resulting substance is mud. It is generally highly viscous and coarse.

Some Uses of Mud:
-Beauty products (face masks or mud baths)
-Bricks and Building Materials
-Mud Wrestling
-Mud Volleyball
When I went out side in the rain I fell in the mud, YUCK!

I built my hut out of mud, YAY!
by HeyYou November 25, 2006
(Multi User Dimension) Is a game that is text base and uses an extensive list of commands to maneuver around. User connect to the same central server and then all the girls between the ages of 13-16 seek out the males that are no older than 23 years of age, when confronted about the pedophilia it is the mans job to act all hurt and innocent as if he were an innocent bystander and did nothing wrong, ultimately quitting the game claiming they cant play with the lies surrounding about them. It is then the girls job to find a new "MUD" and the cycle continues.
Oh man, I left this made to get away from Vaklamana and Urynmaal, instead she changes her name to valeris goes to a different MUD and picks up another guy in his 20s, I hate 14 year olds.
by Talon J Tipton March 25, 2007
Wet dirt.
Hey look, that dirt got wet, now it's mud!
by drruum September 05, 2009
Being very high, mainly said under the use of marijuana.
Being at the point of tripping, out of control of yourself while high.
Guy: 'I just had a whole joint to myself, man i am mud!'
by chxrlottx September 30, 2015
Another street name for heroin. Other common names for heroin included boy, tar, big H, snowball, dog food, smack (60's kind) and dope. It can be taken orally, injected and smoked. I personally recommend not doing it....
I sometimes think I should smoke mud, then I hear Fat Amy in the back of my head saying "mmm, better not."
by cj1519 June 06, 2015

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