The Process of turning a baby into baby powder, and baby oil. This process occurs at a gigantic factory called a Mubery, and during a time of the year known as the MubFubery.
Working with Johnson&Johnson, i had the oppurtunity to Mub many a child
by Cthulhu Will Rise December 30, 2004
Top Definition
Monsters Under the Bed Syndrome. Used in poker discussion forums to denote play that is overly fearful of those very good hands that are rarely dealt.
Ever since I lost to that royal flush, I've been having a case of the MUBS.
by Cy N February 20, 2006
Derived from the Sefic language meaning "miss you babe". Historically noted to be said by a Bosnian princess.
"I haven't talked to you in so long, MUB."
by Dr. Clapperton, Global Relations. November 22, 2007
Misogynistic Untermensch Bastards: Men who think that Women are only a life support system for a vagina.
MUBs who support gender inequality, genital mutilation of women and selective abortion of female babies, etc.
by Scared Feminine August 13, 2010
to rub your hand up the crease of your buttocks and around your anus, then ambushing an unsuspecting victim with the same hand ih their face (whilst shouting 'mub' at them)

mub is bum backwards
boasting to a friend :"I leapt out and gave him the mub, he was discusted".

to mub someone
by brewlio April 29, 2007
A man who has stubby fingers ... alluding to another apendage ... Mubs = Man Nubbs
Dude look at that guys hands, he's got serious mubs!!
by OregonGeorge September 28, 2008
a person who is too lazy to get dressed into regular day clothes and lounge around the house is a bum. a mub is someone who looks cute in doing so.
Bob looks good as he mubs around the house on saturday.
by mandapanda January 17, 2005
Abbreviation for "Messed Up Bitch"
Definition: (noun) Referring to girls or girly guys who are used to debauched life such as drinking, doing drugs, and getting laid or have absolutely lost a sense of morale
She's a MUB! She's now going out his ex-boyfriend's father.
by dododo olleh July 25, 2011
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