3 definitions by Dimlight65

The upcoming debacle of Borat Osama's presidency
I see the pinkos elected Borat Osama.

Yeah, the Obacalypse has begun.
by Dimlight65 November 05, 2008
Stands for Painful Itchy Butthole Syndrome. Hemorrhoids caused by ignoring the need for a re-wipe when experiencing MUBS.
Damn! These PIBS are so bad I can't even sit down.

Her PIBS were so bad her butthole looked like it was surrounded with tater tots!
by Dimlight65 November 15, 2007
Stands for "Moist Uncomfotable Butthole Syndrome." That feeling of discomfort between the butt-cheeks necessitating a re-wipe. If not dealt with, will degenerate into PIBS (Painful Itchy Butthole Syndrome).
No matter how much I wiped, I knew I was going to have MUBS later.
by Dimlight65 November 15, 2007

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