MP, simply put, stands for awesome. Awesome, as in cool. MP comes from some Russian or Norwegian slang for package. Package as in penis. Its something like "Mogrus Parcus". Language currently unknown.
by Douglas Firth September 26, 2009
an abreviation of 'mas puto' often used to refer to someone when they do something really gay
macho man: lets go work out bro
macho man 2: yeah i havent hit the gym in a couple of days
macho man: yeah we can get test out the new equipment that just came in and watch the other guys as they bend over for us
macho man 2: nevermind bro, don't want to go, that was really mp
by dream warrior April 18, 2010
Military Police - at least in the Army. As loved as the police in the outside world, except in the military you have few rights, and they know it and will rat fuck you the second they can. they originate from the kids at school everyone hated. MPs think they are badass but in Iraq and Afghanistan haji handed the MPs their asses on route patrol and just about any engagement requiring the Infantry real men to take over. on the big bases MPs hand out speeding tickets to grunts stressed out from months of combat... charming. For what it's worth... CID investigates real crimes but every MP thinks he's a CID investigator.
Hit by THREE IEDs today and I get a ticket for going 35 in a 25mph zone, mother-fucker.

Can't spell wimp without MP.

Avoid that route, it's full of MPs.
by alpino July 28, 2010
micro penis
Joe has a mp (micro penis)
by smexilexi April 20, 2011
Mental Picture
Oh man, that just made me MP my parents getting it on- Gross!

Damn so fine. Turn around and let me MP that booty.
by Das ATIM July 24, 2009
Acronym for "Multiple Pops." When a prostitute allows multiple ejaculations for one fee. Same as MSOG.
$300/hr w/MP
by JD March 26, 2004
MP, Refers to smoking its "Marijuana Puffs" or "Marijuana Pulls"
Yo theres 5 people on this blunt only 2 MP and pass it .
by MArijauna Man ! May 15, 2010

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