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Also known as Missed Meal Pains, the excruciating pains one experiences after they miss a meal.
We ort to get off down yunder to Winslows' an eat some chitlings cause I done got the MMP's

Whatchoo gonna do bout these here MMP's
by BackhomeBrah October 06, 2011
My Moms Pussy

josh esfandi is down with MMP on with meal.
by joshesfanddddd March 16, 2010
MMP is a term for battlefront gaming or massive multiplayer maps in games such as battlefield 1942 or halo reach.
MMp short for battlefrontgaming in chat, other popular terms would be mmorpg for massive online rpg.
by asfd777 September 24, 2014
The initials for MMP Community Unit, stands for Mad Man Player's Community Unit. It is the best 95+ clan on RuneScape, and used to be known as Mad Man PC Unit, however it is no longer a pest control clan.
The lvl 70 asked if they could join MMP, but they were rejected.
by Poliwrath August 18, 2007
MMP - my momma's pussy
GANGSTER1: ay foo where you from?
GANGSTER2: mmp nigga.
by aycuhz! January 24, 2007
Multi Messenger Program - aim, msn, yahoo, icq all bundled toughener in one program.
Joe: You got Aim
Jill: No, I use a MMP
by saajisan January 28, 2009
Mass Murdering Pedo
Just look at him, He's Probably a MMP
by Jakku August 11, 2009

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