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Initialism, Acronym. MLM: meaning Man Loves Man, or Men (who) Love Men. Often used in the trans community.
Trans mlm can have a harder time feeling accepted in the gay community because they're trans, but they are valid and deserve love just like cis mlm.
by JeanieWatson June 21, 2016
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see also Multi-Level Marketing. A scheme in which a person (as a "seller") buys a certain amount of product from a "distributor", and then sells for a profit. The seller must then kick back some of his profit to his distributor. In turn all the other sellers this person has recruited and distributes product to must kick back some of their profits to him.

Amway is the prototypical MLM. Usually only the founders of a MLM profit from the scheme. Some MLM's are blatant pyramid schemes, although one can argue all MLM's are fraudulent. Look for MLM ads in bus shelters and on telephone poles at intersections.
I just blew my inheritance from Grandma on this Flowbee MLM!
by ignorans July 21, 2004
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The computer abbreviation for giving someone "the bird." Most commonly used in Instant Messaging services.
IMer #1: Dude, you're an ass.
IMer#2: mlm
by Dragonstar December 05, 2003
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Abbreviation for Multi-Level Marketing, a business model in which marketers are paid commissions on the sales of other marketers that they recruit, as well as on their own sales. To qualify as MLM, the business plan must actually focus upon selling a marketable product or service.
Business and marketing n00bs frequently confuse MLM with pyramid schemes, a business model that focuses on paying bonuses for recruiting people, rather than commissions on sales, because the criminals who start pyramid schemes like to scam n00bs and flatter themselves by calling their schemes MLM. They may even pretend to operate an MLM business by forcing marketers to stockpile unmarketable products to pretend they are selling it.

Anyone who calls a pyramid scheme MLM helps the scammers trick their victims.
by Downstrike January 29, 2006
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Short for Miami Lakes Middle School.There are more sluts in this school than in a rap video.Don't even get me started on the dumbfuck guys.They have either not gone through puberty or think they rule the world by making up a little imaginary gang.The teachers are even worse.We have a bunch of idiots that could give two flying shits about the students and only care about the money.Which they don't use to improve the school btw.WE HAD ASBESTOS WHAT TYPE OF FUCKING SCHOOL HAS ASBESTOS?!?!?! I hope someone is looking this definition up in the library....go ahead and show it to a teacher.
Miami Lakes middle school is hazardous to society's health
by Idsanty March 08, 2005
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acronym for Middle Lane Moron: a driver who does not keep to the inside lane unless overtaking on a multi-lane highway, in countries where this rule applies (mostly used in the uk), sticking religiously to the middle lane instead. MLM's cause frustration or even road rage to other drivers who are driving faster (for typical MLM's, this is most drivers), as passing them requires superfluous lane changes and inefficient use of the road (passing on an inside lane, or 'undertaking', is illegal), causing congestion. Also known as members of the MLOC (middle lane owner's club). Related - and even worse - are OLM's (outside lane morons), who stick to the outside lane, as legally passing is impossible.
forum member #1: What driving habit annoys you the most?
forum member #2: MLM's. Get back in the f**king inside lane where you belong you t**t

(for an example of a OLM causing road rage google "ferrari 458 rams fiat 600 driver off road)
by nuclear coffee January 05, 2011
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"Hey Phil you look throw like a girl"
Phil- "mlm"
by jdips June 17, 2013
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