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MJB = Male Jailbait, a young male under the age of consent to is deemed attractive, can be used by both gay men and straight women.
Example one;
Person1: Vaqxine likes his guys young.
person2: You mean like MJB young?

Example two;
Person1: Lauren likes her guys young.
Person2: You mean like MJB young?
by Vorfin August 23, 2009
28 3
Mary J. Blige

*the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul
1. When Darrell asked me what music I'm into, I told him Mariah, Aaliyah, DMX, Wutang, and MJB
by Jer March 31, 2006
24 11
Referring to a body part that is lopsided or uneven.
As in how Mary Jo Buttafuoco looked after Amy Fisher got off a couple rounds on the front porch.
"You know those boobs are real! Look how MJB the right one is."
by Dirty Lulu & Jax Starr! October 20, 2007
16 8
Afrikaans abbreviation for "mis jou baie" meaning "miss you a lot".
Ek mjb nadat ek jou so lanklaas gesien het.
by WeetNie July 28, 2011
2 2