(1) Ingenious economical surface transporter, and Britain's answer to fuel rationing. Manufactured in various forms between 1959 and 2000, the Mini epitomized practical simplicity more than any other British automobile. Affordable and versatile and easy to maintain, the Mini was loved by everyone from florists to plumbers to rally racers. Over 5.3 million were built by the end of it's production run.

(2) Bloated ugly status symbol, and quite common in American upscale neighborhoods. Manufactured from 2001-present, the Mini Cooper epitomizes trendy poor taste and virtual uselessness more than most any other modern automobile. Pricey, fragile, and expensive to maintain, the Mini Cooper is favored by upper-middle class females for it's supposed cuteness. Far too many have been built already.
The Mini has devolved from a lithe and capable subcompact to a midsize toy mall-runner.
by Fusion Jay April 22, 2008
The child of a hunnie. Sometimes combined as mini-hunnie.
My mini did the funniest thing today. How many minis do you have? My mini-hunnie looks so much like her dad.
by Mrs. Ski July 31, 2005
A person with a small penis, they get it from their mom and not their mandingo daddy
All the mandingos made fun of terence for his mini.
by gaaaaaaaaaaa March 18, 2010
A generic nickname for a person who is vertically challenged.
Alright mini how are you doing ?
by Necroscope September 05, 2003
You're using "M", for mini, when you should be using "W", for wumbo. You know, I wumbo, you wumbo, he, she, me, wumbo!
You gotta use wumbo, not Mini Spongebob
by XxIcedLinkxX December 09, 2014
the word my m8 uses for her vagina .
u hit me in the mini
by clarkenshaft November 28, 2009
Noun: A non-offensive word used instead of fanny(the English meaning), beaver, snatch, pussy or the "c" word.

Sometimes spelt as minnie in some publications.
1: There are many shapes, sizes and flavours of mini.
2: That'll never fit in my mini!
3: Fancy a ride in my mini?
4: Buy me that dress and I'll shave my mini for you!
by _eight_ September 14, 2006

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