Noun. Referring to one's child or children.

Plural form Minis
My mini and me are going to the zoo.
by Chibicricket September 11, 2010
a combined word meaning very small(from miniature)
He was was green with envy when he heard his friend got a minivan for christmas.
by Light Joker December 09, 2004
Short for miniatures. Pieces of a tabletop or boardgame where roleplaying or historical combat is done, which are used to identify location of and represent the combatents. Usually made of lead or other soft metal, they can be found at hobby stores and are often painted by the people who will use them.
Come over and we'll paint minis for the game.
by DeadManPete October 14, 2006
A jit, usually a small person that looks like a blowfish or a gorilla.
Damn, that little girl looks like a mini!
by Osiris Smellyson August 16, 2008
1. A persons younger sibling; used most often when that younger sibling looks significantly like the older one.
Hinting they are a "mini" version of the older child.
-Can also be used when one person looks like another person.

2. Any child (much) younger than you.
While I was passing the local elementry school, all I saw was a bunch of mini's running around the playground.
by NoFiZzLe July 10, 2008
a mouse with chiclets, big brownies, a puff thats puuuuuffin away, specs, and a little button nose.
Jimmy: "I love my little mini mouse."

Nicole: "I love you too my special squirrel!"
by Love_You February 01, 2008
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