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1. The top choice in vehicles for motoring purposes.
2. A vehicle in which you are easily entitled a motorer.
2. A vehicle in which cannot be driven by motorists.
MINI's rock!
by gerbs February 09, 2003
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Very short skirt worn by girls and women to show off their legs, especially the thighs. It is believd that the shorter they are, the bette they look.

See also: sexy
She looks so darn hot in that mini!
by Hugh Dobson March 02, 2004
Noun: A non-offensive word used instead of fanny(the English meaning), beaver, snatch, pussy or the "c" word.

Sometimes spelt as minnie in some publications.
1: There are many shapes, sizes and flavours of mini.
2: That'll never fit in my mini!
3: Fancy a ride in my mini?
4: Buy me that dress and I'll shave my mini for you!
by _eight_ May 12, 2006
Plural of mini.
A short, or not so short, nap.
Made popular by Maddog.
I'm tired, time to take a mini.
by The Herm February 26, 2004
greatest invention ever, released in august 1959. designed by Sir Alex Issigonis because of the oil crisis of the late 50s. one of the most popular cars ever made, is like driving a go-kart. destroyer of 60s muscle cars in races such as monte carlo and bathurst.
no other car has as many different types of engine conversions as a mini, all the way from g13b suzuki engines to 2L vtec, V6s, V8s, rotarys and motorbike engines.
lots of fun especially when showing up "boy racers"
"holy shit what was that that just passed us?"
"dude it was a mini!"
"sweet i want 1"
by minimadd September 12, 2009
The origianal econmy car (yes yes, there were others before it and smaller than it, but no-one bought them). The first car to ever have 50% or more female owners.
Mini cooper is a very interesting car, but it is really just a go-Kart with a papier-maché bodyshell.

I like to roll mini cooper S
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
The mini orgasm feeling you have when you have to pee really bad and finally get to go.

Usually intensified by drinking and waiting in line for the ladies room. Almost always followed by the inability to stop peeing.
One girl-friend to another~ 'Sorry I took so long, I had to pee so bad, I had a mini'
by genavieve August 29, 2006
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