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Usually used in the plural form, MILPs. This stands for Moms I'd Like to Punch, on analogy with the widely use MILF (Mom I'd Like to Fuck). Specifically, MILPs are vacuous or insipid young stay-at-home moms that bore and irritate the more educated or sophisticated moms who are reduced to socializing with them for the children's sake.
I'd rather be at home reading Günter Grass, but there's no school today, so I had to take Finn and Olivia to the park and listen to a bunch of MILPs talk about soap operas and peanut allergies.
by Bodenheimer June 05, 2009
Unlike the widely know MILF, Mother I'd Like to Punch indicates a mom, especially at sporting events, that either won't shut up or cheers too loud, typically a hockey or soccer mom.
(Shrill screams in background)
"Dude, she really needs to shut up! She's ruining the game."
"Ya, her son isn't even good!"
"Damn MILPs!"
by tommyp15 February 23, 2010
1;N.The nasty stringy saliva found stuck between two people's lips after a kiss or oral sex.

2;V.the act of producing milp.
Dude,Susie was with me last night.
Goddamn she was so sloppy, i couldnt tell what was milp or what was sperm.

She milped all over me son.
by DR. Poopenstien June 19, 2008
A mother that is really mean and/or annoying, rude, obnoxious that needs to be punched in the face or any other body part.
"Oh my god. My mom is so unfair!"
"Dude, she's definitely a M.I.L.P."
by Bwilks July 29, 2009
mom i'd like to "poke"

Tyler: Man, did you see Jake's mom on facebook? She's so hot!
Steve: yeah. she's definately a milp!
Tyler: Man, did you see Jake's mom on facebook? She's so hot!
Steve: yeah. she's definately a milp!
by SBM92289 April 17, 2009
Mother I'd like to punch!
If your mother tells me NOT to eat white processed sugar ONE more time she is going to become a MILP!
by F-U-D-I-L January 09, 2010
Mother I'd like to Pimp
Man your mother is hot, I'd MILP her and make some good money.
by TG2581 February 28, 2013
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