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A well-known sickness that occurs when your first start smoking, and the only music you will listen to is The Beatles.
"Yo man, let's listen to some music."
"Sure, but I will only listen to The Beatles dude, they're soo sick!"
"Awww ya dude, you have beatlesitis too!!"
by tommyp15 September 21, 2009
Unlike the widely know MILF, Mother I'd Like to Punch indicates a mom, especially at sporting events, that either won't shut up or cheers too loud, typically a hockey or soccer mom.
(Shrill screams in background)
"Dude, she really needs to shut up! She's ruining the game."
"Ya, her son isn't even good!"
"Damn MILPs!"
by tommyp15 February 23, 2010
A person who, as relates to a foodie, enjoys constantly posting comments on everyone's minifeed on Facebook, typically to the point past annoyance.
"Yo dude I JUST posted all these pics and Gabe already commented on all of them!"
"Ya i know dude, he's such a minifoodie!"

Jeff turned on his computer, and went to Facebook to find that he had 19 notifications from his friend Mike, a chronic minifoodie, on his status about his job.
by tommyp15 December 02, 2009
Used in the place of Itunes. Where someone uses Youtube to listen to music, instead of just buying it there self.
"Dude, why spend the money when you can just go to Youtunes!"
by tommyp15 February 23, 2010

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